Like most fans, my first taste of music was primarily what was force fed to me by the media and as a child I grew up oblivious to what else was available…so my early years consisted of Top 40 material and KISS. It wasn't until I was thirteen (how appropriate) when I heard my first Iron Maiden album (Number Of The Beast, for those interested) and begun a musical journey that continues to this day.

Immersing myself in Heavy Metal, I scoured stores, magazines and gigs for the latest happenings eventually trying my hand at an instrument and forming my first band. As a rhythm guitarist I was given the opportunity to experience the industry from a different perspective and gain further insight into the trials and tribulations many musicians experience. The band was called EYE incidentally, which later went on to become…well, I'll leave that one up to the Metal connoisseurs out there to work it out for themselves...

My next goal was to put together a zine that focussed on the more melodic of side of Metal, which in 1999 was a style grossly ignored here in Australia. What was born out of those ideas were two issues of Musically Incorrect and a wealth of experience. Despite its relatively short existence, it was a fantastic opportunity to further my interest in Metal, as well as share and discover new sounds with like-minded people.

The time preceded by Musically Incorrect's wake was spent contributing to Outsider Magazine, LOUD!, Loud and Heavy, as well as the well received SIMON SEZ column, which featured on the Metal Warriors website. The desire however, to further the vision I initiated with Musically Incorrect arrived in 2001 when I approached 96.5 InnerFM with the idea of a Heavy Metal show. 2002 saw the idea materialise and Musically Incorrect was reborn as a hour long, weekly musical program for the masses. I have since moved onto 3RRR, where I now have 2 hours to present the heaviest tracks from around the planet to Australian Heavy Metal enthusists.

Since then I have been able to join Music Australia Guide as a contributor and had the opportunity to work with Roadrunner Records with a podcast show called "Roadcast" which ran between November 2005 to February 2007 as well with during 2007/2008. I am currently a part of the Noizz Eater team where I contribute reviews and interviews.

Simon Lukic